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Another Major Award!

The writing bender that is National Blog Posting Month gave me a hangover that might still be dogging me had my blog not just been nominated for another Major Award! Like the last one, this prize will not light up my living room, alas, but it sure does make me glow a little bit.

This Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award nomination comes from The Academy, of course, and also from Theresa Ledford, over at Thoughts From The Shower. (Anybody whose blog centers on bathroom genius is surely a friend of mine.)  As holiday surprises go, it beats the hell out of a lump of coal.

Based on the number of calories I consumed at Thanksgiving, I definitely qualified for the Sisterhood of the Elastic Waistband Award.  But this is so much better!

With great honor comes great responsibility. If I am unable to serve for any reason, the runner-up, Miss New Jersey, will…Oh wait, wrong honor.  Then again, this one really ought to come with a tiara, if you ask me.

Anyway, we nominees have all agreed to follow a few rules:

  • Provide a link to and thank the blogger who nominated you for this award.
  • Answer the ten questions provided.
  • Nominate 10-12 blogs that you find a joy to read.
  • Provide links to these nominated blogs and kindly let the recipients know they have been nominated.
  • Include the award logo within your blog post

Since I’ve only complied with two of the rules thus far, I’d better get my butt in gear.


  1. Your favourite colour (and hell yes, I am keeping these British “u”s. They make my blog seem classy.): Green. Not all greens, mind you–just the soothing blue kind of green.  You can keep that yellowy green that looks like a Gatorade nightmare. (Close runner-up: Purple. The regal kind, not that pansy lavender stuff.)
  2. Your favourite animal: the honey badger. (If I were being really honest, I’d say this windshield cat, but I don’t want to alienate my PETA readers, if I ever get any.)
  3. Your favourite non-alcoholic drink: Is this a trick question? OK, fine, I’ll answer it anyway.  I give the nod, reluctantly, to Philippa’s mom’s famous green juice.
  4. Facebook or Twitter? Facebook. I’m on Twitter, but I pretty much just sit there like a mute bird.
  5. Your favourite pattern: Polka dots. I almost never wear ’em but I like looking at ’em.
  6. Do you prefer getting or giving presents? Giving, particularly gag gifts and gifts for Just ‘Cause, my favorite national holiday.
  7. Your favourite number: I have lived 42 years without having one of these, so I’ll go with: The one on my winning Powerball ticket.
  8. Your favourite day of the week: Any day when I don’t have to set my alarm. I also really like Thursdays because they have excellent momentum.
  9. Your favourite flower: I am a flower moron and can recognize maybe two in a floral lineup.  Someone told me that my yard has “knockout roses.”  If they’re the flowers I’m thinking of, they do look quite nice and have managed to survive my special brand of neglect, so they win.
  10. What is your passion? Horse miniatures. Kidding! My passion is humor. I can’t get enough of it, so thank goodness it’s everywhere I look.

And now, I must nominate 10-12 blogs, myself.  (This is the part where the Major Award bears a slight resemblance to a chain letter…)

My list, like me, has range so there’s a little bit of everything and it appears in no particular order:

Thanks again to the Lovely T for the nomination!


  1. Congratulations! And thank you,I’m in some good company up there.

    Fortunately, I’ve checked the rules, and as I don’t need to shave my legs (again) for this award, I happily accept!

    • Thank you, E.G.! You may have to wear a corset to the grand award ceremony if you win, but we can jump off that bridge when we come to it.

  2. You can always make the green juice into a mimosa. Sort of.

  3. This is great! I plan on going through your list of nominations and finding new people to stalk. Have a great day!

    • It’s so fun to help spread the word about other great blogs. Thank you for thinking enough of mine to do that! Happy Friday to you!

  4. Thanks for the nomination and for stopping by my blog.

  5. Awww, heart you! Thank you so much for the nomination!!! You’re the bestest. xox

  6. You’re so welcome! Your blog rules so you deserve any accolades that come your way. And if all this does is increase your circulation, even that is a beautiful thing. Enjoy!

  7. Whoa Susannah says:

    I love that you kept the British “u”. That IS classy shit! This was great! Thanks so much for the nomination. I will definitely pass it on and give you a shout out! 🙂

  8. Awwww! Thanks! This is awesome! I was on a blog hangover too so I haven’t even checked on comments or anything for over a week. Sorry it took me a while to get over here. I’ll surely be back, but probably not until the new year. If I actually finish my post before then, I’ll be sure to link you in. Yay!

  9. I also want to say your list is awesome. I love so many of those blogs too. What’s that thing they say about great minds? 🙂

    • I don’t know what they say about great minds but I do know I worry about anyone whose thought process even remotely resembles mine!! So glad you liked the list, and believe me, I was very happy to nominate you. More people should be reading your blog, dammit!